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Burke comes to us via 4 the Hounds Basset Rescue. She was dubbed Delta Burke because when she came to us, we already had a Bert, and she was a bit “fluffy.” Since being here, she has slimmed down to a good weight, had several eye “lifts,” (really, entropian and tumors on her third eyelids, but she thinks the treatments were cosmetic), a few teeth needed to come out and a few lumps removed. Extremely shy when she arrived, we had to entice her indoors for the first few weeks. She had been an outside dog, and may have been punished if she wanted indoors. Now, she is good about coming in, sleeping on the bed, and after almost 2 years with us, she offers up her belly for kisses and rubs. She has brought me to tears several times just seeing how far she has come in relaxing and enjoying life as a Basset should.