Senior Houndsabound, Inc.

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About Senior Houndsabound

Mission Statement

All too many times, dogs of advanced years are rejected by their owners, given up to a shelter or passed around when an owner is no longer able to care for them. Senior Houndsabound, a nonprofit organization, is dedicated to the rescue and lifelong care of senior Bassets and Beagles abandoned by their families or left in shelters.

Senior Houndsabound wants to help when senior dogs are left in cages or ignored in a yard. No hound should be left to spend their golden years ignored or abandoned. More often than not, these hounds come to us in poor condition and helping them is challenging, costly, yet worth every bit of time, energy and funding. We will continue to do our very best to see that these forgotten and abandoned hounds’ final years are happy, peaceful, and that they feel safe.

Our ultimate goal is to know that on that day, when these senior hounds go to cross to the RainbowBridge, they will know that they were very much loved.