Emmett, aka-Wedge 4/29/2020 to present

Emmett, or Wedge as we call him because he likes to wedge himself into places for his naps, came to us as a stray picked up off a dirt road.   He was found just laying in the road, despite cars driving on it.  The nice lady who picked him up said he was not hurt, (vet checked him out), just laying there.  After some effort was spent trying to find his home, we were contacted and took him in.  Wedge is a very quite hound, and does not demand much from us.   He does like some cuddle time after dinner, and we try to make sure to have time.   Wedge has thyroid disease and is being treated.   Wedge continues to be a happy boy and her prefers the hard floor rather than any of 30+ beds around the house,   who knows what he is thinking!