Shotsie 4/29/2021 to present

Shotsie is one of three Beagles we rescued from OCAS in Orlando, and the oldest, possibly the mom.  These three have a shared history, of a life living in a hoarding situation.   Not hoarding with pets, but with things. They had a very small amount of room to live in, were left by themselves for days without care, and the structure of the house was unsafe for anyone to be in the “home” . Thank goodness some neighbors contacted the appropriate people and Shotsie and her pack were removed from the owner.

Shotsie is pretty independent but loves to be near and she adores sleeping under the covers with Precious.  She has been fully vetted, and had a dental, and some mass removals.   We are so happy we took all three as they certainly are bonded,  never far apart and you can find them curled up together often.  Shotsie is around 13 from estimates.