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Beauregard TIBERIOUS Greenwood…

came to us a 4 month old puppy from a very cool place in Connecticut.  A place that allows all puppies grouped together by age so they are already socialized .  He was to be our then current boys best bud after losing our last Basset hound to liver cancer.  

Beau became the relief Scooby needed to begin playing again. Scooby is longer with us and Beau remains our spoiled boy.  They were inseparable for close to 5 years.  After Scooby passed, Beau became his daddy’s GARAGE BUDDY.. if dad went to the garage, so did Beau.  Dad has an antique car that has excess oil EVERYWHERE and there hasn’t been a weekend that Beau doesn’t try to come back into the house with splotches of car grease on some body part.   And he doesn’t like baths.

He’s showing his age (11+) and no longer goes down stairs, but for an occasional escape upstairs that he then needs to be carried down..(@60lbs)

He travels with us on most all our trips, he got to California and the Grand Canyon this year. His HUMAN BOY lives in California now so he gets video chats every week. He gets butt rubs from our neighbors, hugs from our friends, video chats from both his human siblings and lots of love from us.

We will be in DISNEY for Halloween this year and he doesn’t show excitement but loves PEOPLE so in his cart he will go for trips around the campground.

At his age, his requests for special meals mean everything to when he does need to stay home..NUGGETS are an absolute must when we come home.

Beau =goodest boi ever……

Loved by Jackie Greenwood and family


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