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Dolly Mama here, reporting for duty to be a calendar hound!  I have the best family now, but my start in life wasn’t easy.  I was rescued from a puppy mill auction – 15 months old, pregnant, and skin and bones (26 pounds and pregnant!).  I was scared of everything and everybody, especially men.  My people foster failed even before my puppies were old enough to be adopted!  I was a wonderful mama despite being so young, and my people adopted my son too and I continue to be a good mama to him and the fosters who pass through my home.  I’ve gotten much braver in the six years I’ve spent in a loving home and love all of the humans who visit.  I love to track wildlife in the woods and to alert my people to cars or passersby.  And I really want to help other senior hounds to have a wonderful home like me.  So please vote for Dolly!

We love her just the way she is and are very happy that fate brought her into our lives,

Angelika Hastings and family


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Senior Houndsabound

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