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I’m an almost 16 year old Basset, Bella, who lives in Houston, TX. 

I love long walks on the… wait, who am I kidding?  I prefer treats and naps way more than walks… Oh, unless my mom leaves me off leash when she’s not watching, then I love to take myself on long walks around the neighborhood; just go where the nose takes me, ya know? I guess that’s how I ended up with this weird GPS tracker on my collar. Hmm. 

I live with my moms and 3 annoying “siblings”: Tony & Gomez (cats, UGH, cats) and my new brother, Dookie Roux (he’s got way too much energy for me, no thank you).  Back in the day I used to love hikes on the Greenbelt in Austin and hanging with our backyard chickens.  Nowadays, I spend my free time (ok, all of my time) sleepin’, eatin’, poopin’, and peein’.  It’s the life.  I don’t even have to wait to go outside to use the bathroom anymore! I’ve got these sweet shorts (I think my mom calls them diapers??…) that I get to lounge in all dang day.  It’s the best!

My favorite type of food is human food.  I won’t eat all day just to beg for a bite of whatever the moms have on their dinner plates that evening.  If they don’t feel like sharing that day, I have to eat my food – if, and only if, it’s mixed with that fancy bone broth stuff.  Dry food ain’t for me, no way.  I’m startin’ to feel my age in my bones a little bit, but every morning and night I get a hunk of cheese – there must be somethin’ in that creamy hunk of fromage because I tell you what, I perk right up after scarfin’ it down.  Ohhhweee! Life has slowed down a bit for me, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I basically get to do whatever I want, whenever I want – and that’s A-OK with me! 

Loved by Bella’s pushover mama,  Adrianne


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