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It’s Cooper the camping hound here! 

From May to October you can find me with my Mom in our camper, traveling all over the United States and even Canada!  I’ve been to the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic, Pacific, and all 5 great lakes without ever getting my feet wet!!  I’ll be thirteen in November – my Mom didn’t think I’d make it since I had cancer at 10.  I was operated on and she thought she’d have a few months more with me, I showed everyone!  It’s been two and a half years and counting.

I had two homes before my Mom adopted me when I was one, so I know that not all hounds are lucky enough to have a forever home.

That’s why I want to be a calendar hound – so other hounds are lucky like me. 

So vote for Cooper – the Trooper!!

Loved by Tina Hampson


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