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Meet Doodles!

What can I say but she was my Doodle Bug or sometimes just Bug as I loved to call her.  My Valentine’s baby.  I drove 1.5 hours to get her from her foster mom in a snowstorm.  She and I both knew immediately she was meant to be mine. 

From day one she was sleeping in my bed – which really became hers at night, or when she wanted to rest in the afternoon. She at first cuddled close to my head and over the years ended up sleeping at my lower legs sometimes pushing them off the bed, because she had to lay lengthwise in the wrong direction on the bed like a typical basset.

She was my third in the house when I brought her home, and learned quickly she could be in charge of her brother, but her old sister Becky, (blind), really ruled the roost.  But after Becky’s passing Doodles personality really developed:  she told me when to go to bed, when to get up, when to feed her, when to pet her, when to walk her and even when to let her in and out.  She would stand in front of me and give me that demanding basset look.  When I would get moving to find out what she wanted she would go directly to the place she wanted to be.  She would even go stand by the fridge and bark till I got her treats from the top of the fridge.  She trained me quickly and also the neighbors on either side. She would bark until they gave her treats when she saw them out or their back doors open.  They bought treats just for her.  (Neither have dogs).  They would all talk to her and pet her. 

Doodles hunted moles in her backyard by digging up their holes and once got a baby one that she thought was a toy throwing it up in the air.  Never harmed it, and it finally ran away back into the ground. 

When I called for her to come in the house she would give me the typical basset look of “are you talking to me, I don’t think so”, then she kept investigating the backyard.  I used to send her brother out to get her and bring her in and he did after he pushed her around a little.

Going to the vet or any basset or dog fund raiser Doodles would always announce herself by letting out her high- pitched howl.  The vet and techs would announce (even from the back rooms), “Doodles is here”, then come running out to love on her.

For a 34 lb small basset she was a handful.  She would have her nose to the ground and tail up on every walk sniffing the good stuff.  At times on our walks we would stop to get a good sniff.  She never went flat-basset, but did dig her heels in.

Loved very much by Jennifer Bolla


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