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Hi everybody!   I’m Henry Snyder! 

My mom and dad adopted me about 4 1/2 years ago. I didn’t get along with the NEW puppy at my old home in Kentucky,  so they sent me to a shelter.  I’m in Buffalo, NY now!

As fortune would have it,  I ended up exactly where I was meant to be. My mom had always wanted a basset hound so I am especially spoiled! 

Now,  I’m entering this contest because I want to do something memorable, and special for my mom.  She’s been very worried about me lately.  

I started getting up and being anxious in the night, a lot! We went and talked to the vet lady and I was sent home with some medicine that’ll help me sleep through the night.  They said it was the start of doggie dementia. 

My mom is on top of it! But she still worries so much.  

I’d love to give her a calendar with me in it as a memory for all time! 

Please consider voting for me!!   Thanks!!

Loved by Liberty Snyder


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