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Hi — Lola here!  I found my forever home in 2019 and did I ever strike it lucky!  My people make me homemade dog food, and let me snack on popcorn (no kernels please), broccoli, and watermelon.  I love walking in the woods, snoozing in the sun, and especially car rides — long ones to Michigan or the Shenandoah Mountains.  And of course lots of belly rubs.

Having been rescued I know how fortunate I am.  So I want to help other hounds too.  

Please vote for me, Lola, to be a calendar hound and help other senior hounds!

Adored by Stephanie, Jaide, and Yadira

Voting can be as often as you would like, with as many votes as you would like.  We also accept checks for votes.  You can send to:
Senior Houndsabound
3118 Wessex St
Orlando, Florida   32803
If sending a check, please be clear on who votes go toward, include contact information and email address.
Must be received by Sept 29, 2021 to count towards votes.
Also, please send an email to me, letting me know

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