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My name is Mufasa, my mom calls me Fasa or Fash for short but I don’t answer to any of them because I march to the beat of my own drum.  Also I am deaf, but that is a good story!  You see I was rescued two and a half years ago off the street.  I found myself on the street a lot and by the fourth time I was taken to lock up my original family decided not to take me back again.  My foster mom and dad came to get me and I was covered in fleas. I had two angry ear infections, some pretty bad lumps, infected toe nails and I had caught the heartworm.  They didn’t give up on me though, I am happy to report they worked with the rescue and we took care of it all.  I had to have double TECA surgery on my ears and now I cannot hear, all the things that I had wrong have been fixed and I am a healthy happy boy! I turned 11 in August.  I do not act like a senior though, mom says I act like a puppy. I love toys and treats and belly rubs!  I tell mom when it’s supper time, she acts like she can not see the clock!

I was adopted by my foster mom and dad last year on my dad’s birthday.  Mom tied my adoption papers to my collar and I proudly trotted in the house and up to my dad with them on.  He always said I was the chillest hound he ever met.  So this year on October 26th it will be my 1 year gotcha day.  My dad is in Heaven this year and will not be here to celebrate with mom and I, so I was thinking wouldn’t it be cool if I got the October Calendar spot for him? 

Vote for me! Mufasa!

Loved dearly by Andi Nicoletto


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