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Keri, or as Juliette has affectionately named her “Keri dog”,

was adopted on August 18, 2018, from Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue. She was named after someone who found her as a stray in Mississippi and saved her. Keri is the sweetest bassador you will ever meet. We love her white markings especially on her paws, it looks like she has white socks. We feel like not only did my mom rescue Keri but she rescued us as well. Black dogs have a tough time getting adopted and Keri has stolen my mom’s heart. I know my mom was so glad to have Keri as her companion during the pandemic. Keri loves to curl up on any dog bed or couch. If you do not move fast enough when she wants to go out, she will literally push you with her nose. She loves going for car rides and getting pup cups. She is always trying to escape from the bathtub when we give her a bath. After baths she does zoomies.

Keri is loved by her dog mom, Rhea Spiegel and by the Macnow family (Andrea, Ethan, and Juliette)


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