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Hi hound lovers! My name is Rudi Tuti.

You may remember me from the Senior Houndsabound Calendars of 2021 and 2022. I was fortunate enough to have placed amongst the twelve winners in both of those years. I was the August 2021 and the May 2022 Cover Girl, and I am back to help raise funds again for my Senior Friends of Senior Houndsabound Rescue this year.

I am 13 years old and have two younger fur sisters at home; a five-year-old rescue terrier named Stormi and a newly rescued basset named Bessie Mae.  Bessie is the whole reason my mom did not enter me in the calendar contest last year. She disrupted our entire household including my and Stormi’s sanity! Last August, my mom was tagged in a Facebook post by the President of a well- known Bully Rescue who she helps here in our town about a Basset needing a new home. Of course, mom drove out there to get her right away!  That was a year ago and Bessie Mae was only 20 months old. Boy, did things get interesting at home for Stormi and me from that day forward! I had to teach Bessie to not bolt straight out the doggy door at full speed ahead and forget to slow down at the pool edge, dive in headfirst with tail in air! She has only done that once in the year she has been with us, so hopefully, she is learning to slow down, like me, and take life a little slower. It sure was funny though! Stormi’s face was priceless! Mom needed her phone out to video, but it all happened so fast! It has been a year now and Bessie Mae has settled in, or “down” I might say. We are a perfectly blended “threesome” these days and mom could not be happier about that! PLUS, we have triple the backyard security now when we are all on patrol.

So please help donate to this wonderful fundraiser for the Seniors in care at Senior Houndsabound Rescue.  This is their biggest fundraiser of the year and voting for me or any one of your favorite hounds helps them immensely.

Love, Rudi Tuti


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