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Snoopy here! 

Boy am I a lucky guy!  My momma adopted me after I was wandering around a trailer park, eating whatever I could find and whatever people gave me.  I used to have major tummy troubles but am much better now.  I have a little sister who wears me out with her playing.  I like to take walks and lick up funny smells and tastes, and I sure let momma know when it’s time for my snacks!  I growl when I want some loving…it scares some people, but not momma who knows just what I need.  I want to be a calendar hound to help other seniors find their forever home and people.  So please vote for Snoopy!

Loved and adored by Renee Gill

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Senior Houndsabound

3118 Wessex St

Orlando, Florida   32803

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Must be received by Sept 29, 2022 to count towards votes.

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