Sulli & Maggi


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Meet Sulli and Maggi! 

    We have been lucky enough to have Sulli, age 8, in our lives since he was 8 weeks old. He has had quite a journey in his short 8 years full of snugs and adventures. That came to fast halt 2 years ago when he lost the use of his back legs because of IVDD. Because of the love and hard work from Sullis vet, vets downstate and his perseverance, he is now lucky enough to be able to run around with his sister Maggi. 

  We were lucky a second time around when we rescued Maggi, age 7, almost 3 years ago. We don’t know much about her past other than she is originally from Arizona and has had a couple different homes. Understandably, she took her time opening up but we are so happy she trusted us to be able to. She is so unique, funny and playful! 

     These two are joined at each other’s hips! If they aren’t snuggling mom, you can find them doing some of their favorite things- soaking up the sun, chasing their cat siblings around and playing hide and seek with mom and dad! 

Please help by voting for us so we can help other hounds get the care and love they deserve!! 

Furever loved by Tricia & Zach 

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