Ralph ATB 12/24/2022

Ralph was a fortunate hound and was pulled from a shelter by Suncoast Basset Rescue in the fall of 2019.  I found out about him a bit later when I asked about taking in one of their seniors that needed a home.  Ralph had been doing great after some surgery to remove a cancerous mass and also getting his heart issue under control, but no one had looked to adopt him.  It was decided that he should become a Bounder and live with us.  We continue to monitor his health, (all still good) and love him, care for him and honor he wishes!  This past winter we had a contest for the hounds and found out that Ralph has a nick name,  The Stuffy Slayer”, as he loves to nibble and destroy stuffed toys!  Good think we have many for him to choose from!   Ralph is a gentle hound who best enjoys his choice of beds when not killing a stuffy!