Dolly is came to Senior Houndsabound on August 26, 2021. She was in a situation where she was not being cared for as well as she should be, and we decided to take her in because she is part Beagle.  Dolly is about 10-11 years old and the best mannered hound in the house. She came in very overweight, and she has slowly been losing some of it, even though she isn’t very happy about her diet. She has a couple of places on her left side that are still not growing much hair even though her coat is vastly improved.  This girl has proven herself and goes to work with Momma Pat several times a week, and has the clients complaining if she is NOT there,  everyone loves her!  Dolly has totally integrated with the other dogs and is always happy.  It may be that she’s just glad to be able to have a good bed and be part of a pack!