Ollie has been with SHA almost a year and it seems like he has always been here. He is the most laid back houndie ever and is very independent.  He has a very bad case of dry eye and take drops for it several times a day  so his sight is very limited.  Every time he gets drops in his eyes his foster Mom gives him kissed on his eyelids.  He had his ear drums removed in June and due to complications, he ended up having one of his ears amputated.     Ollie was a champ during his surgery.  Took his meds and rested like a good beagle.  We are still working on his yeasty and itchy skin, and he doesn’t mind the baths. Ollie lives with 3 bassets and 1 beagle.  He loves his roommates as they do him.  They like to help guide him out in the yard when they all investigate new smells. Ollie can navigate the dog doors, steps and ramps like a Champ! His favorite resting spot is his pallet bed, but he also has his own hut that he will go lay in and burrow under the blankets.  He loves to rest his head on the big soft toys. When Ollie goes on trips his Foster Mom totes him around in his stroller quipped with several fans. He loves to ride in the car and is ready for any road trip.