Preacher is the newest addition to the Bounders. He’s pretty darn cute with his freckles snootier and one eye!  He was recently surrendered from a family who could no longer keep him. He is 10 years old. He came to Senior Houndsabound with another basset, Otis.

Preacher is a communicator. When he wants something, he is usually silent but tells you what he wants by his actions. He will lay by his water bowl if it is empty or lay by the backdoor if he wants to go out. Ignore him too long and he will tell you about it by whining. And if you don’t respond his next action is to yodel.

He’s settled in well and we are glad he and Otis have each other  They love to sleep together. Preacher and has lots of love to give and we are excited to have him with us.